Fighting Stress with Time Management

Time Management
Fight stress with good time management skill.

Fighting stress with time management can make your life easier, more meaningful and it can reduce the ill effects of stress.

Managing your time may be hard itself but remembering key points like knowing what tasks and activities should be done first can help you decide how you can spend your day wisely in a less stressful manner. Time management to fight stress involves managing commitments, controlling any delay in actions and prioritizing activities and tasks.

Schedule your tasks

One way to have a less stressful day is to make a schedule of tasks to be done for a specific time of a day. The schedule should be listed down either on a paper or on a planner and must be prepared ahead of time at least one day before.

Identify tasks that cause you stress

You can also prepare a stress journal and find out what activities are causing more stress. Identifying what tasks are causing more stress and what are causing less stress can help you decide which will be first in your agenda or which should be done first within a day when your energy levels are still up.

Follow your schedule

Your schedule must be strictly observed. Learn to refuse or omit any other activities not logged in your planner or not part of your schedule. Learn how to say no to invitations not part of the schedule.

Be flexible only when priority tasks are involved

A schedule used in fighting stress with time management may not be accurately observed such that you can provide adjustments to your priorities just in case you have prepared an erroneous schedule or you have missed on something which should be done first.

Try to delegate or ask for help

Always remember to speak up especially in a work place and seek help if you can to finish priorities at an earlier time so that there would be no additional pressure or stress once you have not finished things you should prioritize. That is why in a work place, you need to establish a network of friends who can help you make your job easier.

Other tips to remember

Some things to remember for fighting stress with time management is that planning time makes you in control of what your are doing.

Don’t be conclusive that doing a lot in a lesser span of time will make you happier and less stressful all the time. Makes sure as well that there is quality in the work you have done in a certain span of time.

Be aware also of signs of poor stress and time management.

If you don’t experience fatigue, forgetfulness, depression, irritability, loss of concentration, headache, rashes, cramps, then you can finally say that you have managed your time and fought stress the right way.

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